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Shipping Info

For U.S. orders, please allow 1-5 days for packing, and up to 2 weeks for delivery (most items will arrive after about 3-5 days after shipping)! Please also allow for delays with USPS due to holiday load and/or Covid!

For international orders, shipping might take much longer, due to Covid related delays. Please allow for more than 2-4 weeks for delivery, or even longer.

For orders over $20, use code "SHIPPING" to get free (for U.S.) or discounted shipping! Why do you need to use a code for that? It's because the store service doesn't support automatic discounts yet...

Q: But wait, didn't you use to offer free shipping for all U.S. orders?
A: Yes, but due to USPS requiring first class package rates for many of my packages recently, shipping is costing more than what I make for single item orders, meaning I am taking a loss on these orders! So I am unfortunately adding some cost for shipping for orders less than $20. However, this also means everyone gets tracking and more reliable delivery on their shipments!